Arrowhead Report News: A Classic Bad News/Good News Situation

Today ends one era and starts a new one for Arrowhead Report, and it's a classic bad news/good news situation.
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This probably could have just been a tweet, but I kept running out of characters. So here's a full-on post. Thanks for clicking.

Today, June 30, marks a day of a pretty major change here at Arrowhead Report. It's deputy editor Tucker D. Franklin's last day with the website after joining me when we kicked off the site in its rebooted form more than a year ago. (Fittingly, on April Fool's Day.)

Shortly after the site found its footing, Tucker became our first (and to this point, only) deputy editor — a role that I can't imagine running the show without. He also took the reigns of my mostly-dormant probably-forgotten first step into Chiefs podcasting from many years ago: Roughing the Kicker. Between the daily grind of covering every bit of Chiefs news, handling gameday coverage, rebooting RTK and so much more, it's with no unnecessary humility that I admit that Arrowhead Report wouldn't be where it is today without Tucker. He's moving on to a new opportunity, but I won't spoil the surprise. You can follow his future works on Twitter @tuckerdfranklin.

But now he's dead to us.

Starting on July 1, we have a new deputy editor and host of Roughing the Kicker: Jordan Foote! You may know Jordan as "that lunatic who wrote 100 scouting reports in 100 days leading up to the NFL Draft" or as a regular guest on RTK, but either way, I'm incredibly excited for Jordan to step into this new role here at Arrowhead Report. Even beyond his draft coverage, he's written some of my favorite pieces we've published and is truly one of the rising stars in Kansas City-based media. Follow Jordan on Twitter @footenoted so you can tell people you followed him before he blew up.

I can't thank Tucker enough for his work over the last year, and I couldn't be more excited to step into a new era of Arrowhead Report with Jordan as our new deputy editor and RTK host. Thanks for being along for the ride of Arrowhead Report so far. I hope you're ready for the next chapter.

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