Chiefs to Recognize Juneteenth as Team Holiday

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Twitter that the team will be observing Juneteenth, Friday, June 19, as a team holiday. This announcement comes after Patrick Mahomes, Tyrann Mathieu and Andy Reid spoke out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced that they will be observing Juneteenth — Friday, June 19 — as a team holiday at the end of this week. The team made this statement in a tweet on Monday night.

"As our community and the country work toward a future without racial inequality and the injustices that have remained engrained in our society for far too long, the Kansas City Chiefs will recognize Juneteenth on Friday, June 19th as a holiday. During this time, the club's offices will be closed and we encourage our staff to examine how each of us and our organization can work towards a better future together."

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The NFL, on June 12, announced that Juneteenth would be an official league holiday and that league offices would be closed on June 19. 

The Chiefs' announcement comes on the heels of Patrick Mahomes and Tyrann Mathieu's involvement in the Black Lives Matter video featuring other black NFL stars, and after Mahomes, Mathieu and Head Coach Andy Reid spoke to the media about racial injustice issues on June 10.

In the videoconference, Reid explicitly expressed his support for Mahomes, Mathieu and the Black Lives Matter movement.

"With the issue with the racial issues going on now, it breaks my heart," Reid said. "I'm an old head, so I've been around long enough to see a few generations... I'm so happy, I'm so fired up about our younger generation, man. They're taking it and they're attacking this thing the right way. I just think we have this great country, and these kids know how great this country is... and all they wanna do is make this country better."