Three Things Kansas City Needs To Do For a Win Over Buffalo

With only one game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Super Bowl, here are three things the Chiefs need to do to secure a win.
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It's finally NFL Championship weekend and the Kansas City Chiefs are a win away from their second Super Bowl appearance in as many years.

For the third straight season, the Chiefs are hosting the AFC Championship Game and only the Buffalo Bills stand in their way to Tampa.

Bills Central's Nick Fierro joined me on today's bonus episode of Roughing the Kicker to preview the second matchup of the season between the Bills and the Chiefs.

With the game just one day away, here are three things the Chiefs can do to secure their second-straight trip to the Super Bowl. 

1. Limit Stefon Diggs impact.

While easier said than done, taking away Josh Allen's favorite target will be beneficial for the Chiefs defense. Diggs deserves a lot of credit for helping Allen turn his season into a career year, so taking him out of the equation will not only slow up Allen but will stall Buffalo's offense. L'Jarius Sneed could get the call for this assignment as he has been not only the best rookie cornerback in the game but one of the best corners this season. 

2. Establish Travis Kelce.

While the run was a big factor in the first matchup between these two teams, I don't expect it to play as big as an impact this time around. With that being said, the Bills defense will likely play back and not let Patrick Mahomes throw the ball over their heads. That's where Travis Kelce comes in. Kelce always does a phenomenal job of finding soft spots in a zone defense and beating his man in one on one coverage. If Kansas City can establish Kelce early, this game could get ugly.

3. Win the line of scrimmage.

Whether it's the offensive line or defensive line, playoff football is won in the trenches. If the Chiefs defensive front can get to Allen, force him to make poor decisions or take him to the ground and give Patrick Mahomes more opportunities to score points, Kansas City could make quick work of Buffalo. On the offensive side of the ball, the big guys up front played well in their first playoff game and if they continue and give Mahomes more time to make decisions, the Chiefs will be heading to Tampa in two weeks.

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