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Colts' Frank Reich Addresses Media Following Preseason Loss to Bills

Indianapolis Colts' Head Coach Frank Reich talks with the media following the team's 27-24 loss in the preseason opener.
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The Indianapolis Colts are officially 0-1 in the 2022 preseason, falling 27-24 to the Buffalo Bills in week one. While I'm sure that you all are still reeling from such a devastating loss, Head Coach Frank Reich seemed optimistic in the post-game press conference.

He began the conference with injury updates on cornerback Isaiah Rodgers and wide receiver Keke Coutee. Reich said, "Isaiah (Rodgers) is in the concussion protocol. So, he’ll enter that and hopefully get better quickly and then Keke (Coutee) had the groin." Hopefully both players are cleared to return to action before the start of the regular season.

A majority of the press conference focused on the offense, particularly in how the first-team unit looked in their extended action. Reich had this to say about what he saw from the first unit:

Offensively, a lot of good signs as well. I thought we had a good mix, still need to get better at certain places but we’ll take a good look at the film. I thought Matt (Ryan) looked pretty sharp. I really felt Matt looked sharp.

The conversation quickly shifted to the wide receiver room (as most of these conferences have this offseason). Reich didn't seem too worried about the receivers overall, but he did mention that the group needs to do a better job of winning their one on ones:

Yeah, I mean, we’ll have to take a close look at the film. I saw a few good things out there. One or two plays that we need to make. We talked a lot in our room about, it comes down to one-on-one matchups. We won some of those battles today and we didn’t win some. Always want to win more, we’ll have to take a closer look at the tape to see what that looked like.

Conversely, same thing goes for defensively when we’re in man coverage or when we’re playing tight coverage. Just winning our share of those. Just felt like today that battle probably went to the Bills. If you just kind of went sum of the total on both sides, the Bills won that battle.

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Shifting focus to the other side of the ball, Reich was very complimentary of his defense on the night. He particularly went out of his way to mention the group forcing five turnovers and how that was a major plus in this game:

Great energy on defense, a lot of speed on defense and great mentality about getting the ball out and turning it over. That was a great sign today getting those five turnovers with Shaq (Shaquille Leonard) not even being in there. So, we have to keep building on that.

Overall, this is just a preseason game, so it is hard to have too many meaningful takeaways in this one. The offense needs to clean some things up and the defense looked outstanding outside of two chunk plays allowed early. With still a month to go until the regular season, the Colts have plenty of time to course correct prior to week one.

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