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Irsay Issues Statement Following Disappointing End To Colts' Season

After holding a spur-of-the-moment meeting Sunday night with General Manager Chris Ballard and Head Coach Frank Reich, Jim Irsay address the Colts' faithful Wednesday afternoon with an official statement. (Video via Indianapolis Colts YouTube)

With the pain and embarrassment from Sunday's 26-11 season-ending loss to the still fresh for everyone involved, Indianapolis Colts' owner Jim Irsay got out in front of the mess on Wednesday, issuing a public statement to the fan base. 

Previously, Irsay had a private meeting immediately Sunday night after the Colts returned home from Jacksonville with General Manager Chris Ballard and Head Coach Frank Reich to ensure all three parties were on the same page and were determined to make the necessary changes moving forward. 

Then, on Monday, Irsay had a one-on-one interview with longtime Colts scribe Mike Chappell of FOX59/CBS4 Sports, in which he stated that "it's clear changes need to be made," though he quickly added that those changes did not mean to the leadership within the organization featuring Ballard and Reich. 

That leads us to the latest statement from Irsay, a three-paragraph note to the frustrated and fed-up fan base after arguably the worst loss in franchise history. 

"When we started 0-3, we knew the rest of this season would be an uphill climb. We all were hopeful we could dig our way out of the hole and reach the playoffs, and we should have. But we ended our season in perhaps the worst way possible and missed our chance to compete for history. 

"The buck stops with me, and this experience makes me even more determined to bring Indiana a contending team. We are already working toward the future, and I am going to do whatever it takes to put us in a position to win next year and for years to come.  

"As always, thank you for your support of the Colts in 2021. This was rough way to end our year, but this bad taste will fuel and motivate us more for next season. I promise you there are some exciting days to come."

As much as the end of the season is painful, Irsay is correct with the belief that exciting days are to come. From the look, sound, and feel of things right now in Indianapolis around the Colts' facility, Irsay, Ballard and Reich are going to make the necessary changes to get this team where it needs to go. 

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Granted, the Colts punted a bit on key positions last year including left tackle and pass rusher (even despite spending their first two picks on defensive ends). Indianapolis also felt good about the acquisition of Carson Wentz, but he imploded down the stretch and cost the Colts in the biggest of spots. 

With all three involved aiming to do what's necessary to win, don't be surprised to see multiple stones turned over and a couple of major changes made, whether that's to the coaching staff or player personnel. 

There's certainly a bad taste lingering right now, but this is a pivotal off-season for the Colts, one that they should be uber aggressive in to try and correct some major roster-construction issues. It's good to hear Irsay take responsibility for that, putting himself out in the open and shouldering the load, ensuring that those mistakes don't happen again. 

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