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How does Colts Passing Game get more Deep Shots?

Indianapolis Colts interim coach Jeff Saturday discusses balance in the offense, not just run/pass, but types of plays.
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The Indianapolis Colts and NFL teams in general speak of "balance" on offense all the time. Typically they are speaking of the balance between running and passing the ball.

Interim coach Jeff Saturday was asked on Wednesday about diversity in the offense and getting more balance in the types of plays that are run... specifically, getting more down-field shots.

Quarterback Matt Ryan is averaging 6.8-yards per attempt, the third lowest of his 15-year career and lowest since 2009. 

"Yeah. I think all of it goes together," said Saturday when asked if better protection and mixing up play calling in early counts could lead to more deep passes.

"From the shots perspective you have to make sure your protection is in sync. From a running perspective, we want to be a physical football team that sets the tone and the tempo from running the football."

While a team wants to have balance and be diverse, Saturday was clear about the identity of the Colts offense.

"I’ll take 28 (Jonathan Taylor) against just about anybody," said Saturday.

"When you think about the way you’re going to establish the game plan, you also want to play to your strengths and make sure that we’re giving ourselves a chance."

"I felt like in both games we gave ourselves opportunities to win. One we did, and one we didn’t right? But ultimately it all boils down to execution."

Saturday may be a first-time coach in the NFL, but it didn't take him long to pick up a word we hear often in press conferences... execution.

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"I went back over that again this morning," said Saturday. "It ain’t about plays. It’s about execution."

"As players, whatever play is called, if we execute it we have a good shot and a good opportunity. It’s making sure that you meet that."

"We’re going to push that again this week. I thought we had three really good days of practice. We need to stack three more again this week." 

"The challenge is before us when you get into plays, philosophy, schematics, all those things, at some point it boils down to the 11 executing what we have there and going to make the most of it."

A coach's job is to put his players in their best position to make plays. Saturday is confident he and his staff have done that well enough to win both games he's coached.

He admitted earlier this week that some of the execution will get better as young players like Bernhard Raimann work through their growing pains.

They'll get a chance to show how much they've improved on Monday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have struggled on defense this season, especially on the back end. They're ranked dead last in the NFL against the pass.

If the Colts are going to be more diverse on offense by taking more deep shots, Matt Ryan and company could find a willing opponent on Monday night.