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Where is Matt Ryan Most Accurate?

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan is lauded for his accuracy, but what is his best range?
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Much has been said about new Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan's accuracy in his short time with the team, but what was his best range last season?

Pro Football Focus (PFF) charted all the throws and had the metrics for throws of different depths.

Ryan was fourth in accuracy and third in passer rating (57.4%) on intermediate throws from 10-19 yards.

On intermediate passing attempts, Ryan recorded 1,197 yards and five touchdowns en route to a third-ranked 93.9 passing grade. He went 73-for-121 in intermediate passing and tied for fifth in first downs (70). - PFF

The Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Burrow lapped the field with a whopping 68.0% accuracy on intermediate throws, while Ryan finished just behind the Cardinals' Kyler Murray (58.0%) and Teddy Bridgewater (58.0%) of the Broncos.

Ryan has never been known for having one of the stronger arms in the league despite having a chance to move into the top five for all-time passing yards. But his ability to get the ball downfield may be underrated by some of his detractors.

Despite playing with a subpar offensive line and losing receivers Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, Ryan consistently threw the ball farther downfield than Carson Wentz for the Colts last year.

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Ryan's average pass traveled 4.4 yards on average before being caught, while Wentz was at 4.2. Ryan's 7.1 yards per attempt were his lowest since 2011, but still higher than Wentz at just 6.9.

Ryan pushed the ball farther down the field and still completed 67% of all of his passes compared to just 62% for Wentz... all while being sacked more (40 to 32) and knocked down more (88 to 66). 

A Ryan detractor might say he held on to the ball too long and took more chances leading to bigger plays and more sacks.

A Ryan proponent might say his bravery in the face of a porous offensive line was commendable.

What's not really up for debate, the Colts have a better offensive line, better wide receivers, and considerably better running game than what Ryan had to work with last year.

Ryan's ability to shred a defense on intermediate routes should compliment Jonathan Taylor and the Colts rushing attack extremely well.