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Is Holcomb a Cornerstone for WFT Defense?

Linebacker Cole Holcomb is starting to prove why he may just be the next cornerpiece of Washington's defense.

Despite just finishing his third year in the NFL, Washington Football Team linebacker Cole Holcomb has announced himself as player and leader. 

Whether he flexed from middle linebacker to the strong/weak side on defense, or stepped in as a leader for injured linebacker Jon Bostic, the former Tar Heel has made it work.

"I would have to watch each play and be like, 'Okay, so when I'm playing backer, this is my play. When I'm playing dime, this will be my play," Holcomb said recently. "It took longer to break down film, having to go through its in multiple spots, but it definitely helped me grow."

Head coach Ron Rivera said the former North Carolina standout has developed an 'awful lot' and has done some 'really good things' in Washington. 

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"You saw Cole play even better [in his third season]," Rivera said. "That, to me, is exciting."

Holcomb led the WFT in total tackles (142), solo tackles (83) and assist tackles (59) this season. He recorded a career-high two interceptions, one ending with a pick-six against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14.

"Cole's done a nice job throughout the year of leading, of communicating, of being productive," defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio said.

Despite being selected in the fifth round in the 2019 NFL Draft, Holcomb is proving that he may be a cornerstone for Washington's defense for years to come.