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Twitter Therapy: Did Washington Stress You Out This Season?

It didn't take too much to disappoint fans of the Washington Football Team this season, and Twitter is proof of that.

It was a stressful year for the Washington Football Team. At least, that's what you'd think if you looked at fans tweets during the regular season. 

Pickswise did a study analyzing more than a million tweets, and determined that WFT fans were the 5th-most stressed fans during the regular season. They tweeted out terms that could be deemed "stressful, angry, or disappointed," a whopping 58,962 times.

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Pickswise makes a great point: Football is so much more than a game, and this study proves that emotions run high when it comes to your team and its season. And what better way to express those emotions than to make a fuss on Twitter? 

Says Pickswise: "Whether it's slamming coaching decisions, referees or general bad luck, we picked up every tweet to determine the most partisan online fan base in the sport."

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And fans were not kind in their responses to Washington's official account tweeting the score to the game against Philadelphia, which was its last regular-season loss. 

WFT apparently makes @MidasWRLD "want to die," according to their tweet. We'd say that classifies as stressful, angry, and disappointed! 

From fighting amongst the team during its last game against the Cowboys to a 7-10 record and to finishing third in the NFC East, you could have your pick of disappointments. It definitely doesn't help with the frustrations to know that Washington ranked much higher than Dallas Cowboys fans (20th). But at least WFT was lower than Philadelphia Eagles fans, who came in No. 1 on the list of most frustrated. 

Fans of Washington will have one less things to stress about thought, come February 2nd. A new name, and the end of the Washington Football Team. Let's all tweet out our guesses on the new name, shall we?