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Washington's Christmas Wish List: Clarity And Consistency

What should Washington be adding to their Christmas wish list?

It’s Christmas, and NFL coaches everywhere have their wish lists. Washington Football Team boss Ron Rivera is among those hoping for gifts.

Currently 6-8 with playoff hopes hanging in the balance, Rivera will be doing his best to focus the majority of his efforts on pushing for a wildcard spot, but with the future of the franchise and the upcoming draft in his peripheral vision.

While we cannot speak for Washington's man in the big red coat - Rivera that is - it's not hard to imagine a few wishes in his letter to the big guy.

1. Clarity At Quarterback

Taylor Heinicke deserves a great deal of praise for defying the odds and making it as far as he has in the NFL. However, despite his occasional heroics, there isn't certainty about the future of this team at quarterback. 

Washington clearly knew this given their swing (and an injury miss) on journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The 2022 draft has been widely predicted to be slim in the 'top tier' quarterback category. So …  a free-agent quarterback such as Jacoby Brissett, Marcus Mariota, or Mitchell Trubisky?

2. Red-Zone Issues

Washington currently ranks 27th in the NFL in red-zone conversion percentage. On 43 attempts, they've managed just 22 conversions.

The math couldn't be simpler: Up this percentage, vastly increase the chances at making the playoffs for a second year running.

3. Health For 2022

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Thanks not only to injuries but COVID-19, health hasn't been Washington's friend this season. 

The losses of Fitzpatrick, Chase Young, Landon Collins, Chase Roullier, Logan Thomas and more have hampered the WFT. This was only compounded by their COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing game of musical chairs at quarterback.

Rivera will surely be dreaming of an injury-free Christmas next year.

4. Front Office Stability

Without going into too much detail, Washington's front office is not exactly among the most ... stable in the NFL.

The ongoing drama surrounding owner Daniel Snyder is an ever-present distraction, looming like a dark cloud over the organization.

Frankly, the sooner former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III's tell-all book - which reportedly will spill the dirt on their front office - is out, the better. Perhaps that'll be the catalyst to a clean-up.

5. Where's My Identity?

Washington remains the team with no identity.

The front office needs to come up with a decision on the logo and name of their franchise.

The fans deserve better than being known as “The Football Team.” A real name. A real mascot. A real wish.