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Where Could Kyle Smith Land If Not in D.C. in 2021?

You might not be thinking of Kyle Smith's future but we are at If not the Redskins, where could he end up?

Something that the Washington Redskins haven’t seen in a while. Clear front office direction, stability, and sanity. While there are others that survived the purge that came with the firing of Bruce Allen, there is one man that has thrived.

Kyle Smith, the Redskins Vice President of Player Personnel. 

Smith is the main force behind most of  the young talent that has the league talking and one of the main reasons why head coach Ron Rivera took the job. 

Rivera has said in previous interviews that Smith’s promotion is something that he and owner Daniel Snyder would need to discuss but has liked the work that he has done leading up to this year. 

The only catch on moving slowly on this situation is another team could swoop in and steal Kyle away. His contract is believed to expire in June of 2021.

The Redskins could solve any potential of a Sean McVay situation by simply making him the general manager and a contract extension but until they choose to do that -- Here are the teams that could be a landing spot for Kyle Smith next offseason.

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New York Giants

Dave Gettleman’s job might be the most secure of the other general managers on this list. But that doesn’t mean he will be with the Giants past this season, because it is the NFL. 2020 will be Gettleman’s third year running the New York Giants. The first two years have seen a 5-11 and a 4-12 record. Gettleman has started building for the post Eli Manning era by drafting Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall in the 2019 draft and passing on quarterback Sam Darnold in the 2018 draft for running back Saquon Barkley at No. 2. If the Giants fail to get close to .500 this year, and Daniel Jones does not improve on his 12 interceptions and 18 fumbles in 13 games played, the calls will become louder from the Giants to move on from Gettleman and bring in a young fresh face to continue the rebuild of this franchise.

Chicago Bears

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Life can come at you fast in the NFL. Even if you were Sporting News’ Executive of the Year in 2018. Ryan Pace took over the general manager duties for the Chicago Bears in 2015 and has seen very mixed results. The Bears record was 20 games under .500 before their only season over .500 and in the playoffs in 2018. Pace controversially drafted Mitchell Trubisky second overall in the 2017 draft ahead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Trubisky was voted to the Pro-Bowl in his second year when Matt Nagy became the head coach, but they were not able to repeat the same success in 2019. In a what felt like a last-ditch effort to return to the playoffs, Pace went out and traded for Super Bowl champion Nick Foles this offseason to compete for the starting spot. Even with Aaron Rodgers still in Green Bay, the Bears talent wise are in position to finish at least second in the NFC North. If they stumble at all throughout the year and ultimately fall short, the Bears could be looking for a new general manager. VIDEO: Doug Williams Interview

Carolina Panthers

Marty Hurney is in his second stint as the Carolina Panthers general manager the first coming from 2002 to 2012. He was fired in 2012 after a 1-5 start. Ironically, most of the players that were on the 2015 NFC Champions team were drafted by him. Hurney was brought back in 2017 after the firing of then general manager David Gettleman, but then was put on administrative leave due to a league investigation on whether he violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Despite the Panthers winning the NFC South in 2017, the on-field team building have me under fire the past couple of years after back to back sub .500 seasons and the handling of Cam’s contract situation. With new owner Jake Tepper now wanting to have a more direct say in who runs the team, it is likely that Hurney could be on his way out at the end of 2020 should the Panthers not show any improvement in what is arguably the toughest division in the NFL.

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Detroit Lions

Bob Quinn was hired at the Detroit Lions general manager in 2016 after spending the previous 16 seasons in the New England Patriots front office. Since becoming the general manager, the Lions have arguably underperformed with a 27-36-1 with one playoff appearance in 2016 and head coach Matt Patricia has had an underwhelming first two seasons with a 9-22-1 record. The Lions are close to hitting a perfect storm of looking for a new general manager, head coach, and quarterback in the 2020 offseason. Something that might be the most appealing to Kyle Smith. Smith would be able to choose his own head coach and quarterback and possibly put a consistent winner and playoff contender in Detroit. Something that has not been seen there since the early- to mid-90’s.

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