Aikman: Jerry Jones’ Style Can Be A 'Detriment' To The Cowboys

Mike Fisher

CHICAGO - Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman has a relationship with the Jones family and a connection to the Dallas Cowboys. But he's also an analyst - an analyst who said this week that the fact that Jerry Jones' club is "not run traditionally, the way most organizations are ... is to the detriment of the Cowboys.''

The iconic Aikman, who led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles in the 1990s, didn't just issue this remark (while accepting the 'Heart of Dallas Award' from the Dallas Influencers in Sports and Entertainment), in support of coach Jason Garrett, with whom he is close. Indeed, in Aikman's role with FOX he's been critical of Garrett's work in leading the Cowboys to a 6-6 record as they prepare for Thursday night's game at Soldier Field. Meanwhile, his distaste for the way Dallas' organizational chart functions is something he's addressed often over the years.

“There is a lot to this job,” Aikman said. “There is a lot (a coach) has to overcome. It’s not run traditionally the way most organizations are and that is to the detriment of the Cowboys. You can’t look at three playoff wins over the last 25 years and surmise that all the problems over that time have to do with coaching. I think you have to look at the top and say, 'How are we doing it from the top?' 

"I think businesses do that. I think anyone worth their salt evaluate it from the top down.”

The Cowboys, still somehow in first place in the NFC East, are in self-evaluation mode. Jones has made that clear. Meanwhile, the Cowboys as an organization have morphed in many ways, including the entry into power of Jerry's right-hand men, son Stephen, personnel boss Will McClay and Garrett himself.

But Aikman's point about the "25 years'' is about the one constant - his old boss.

Meanwhile, Aikman seems to be a believer in Garrett in general, but also a believer that his time in Dallas may be over. ... and that maybe that's OK for all parties involved.

“Jason is a heck of a football coach,” Aikman said. “He has done a nice job in Dallas. It’s the hardest job in football. It goes beyond just the playing field and what all has to be managed just to give your team a chance to have success. At some point in time, unless you are Bill Belichick in New England, it’s time for a change. But this story hasn’t been fully written. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did get on a run. They are talented enough to do it.

"Whatever happens down the road, I’m not worried about Jason Garrett,'' Aikman said. "He will be fine. He has proven the quality of person he is, as well as the way he is as a head coach.”

Again, this isn't the first time Aikman has suggested a Jerry-related change. And my view? I express it here, when I suggest that Jones' Cowboys bring enough positive things to the table that, once Garrett has departed, his heir - if his heir is "one of the best coaches in the world'' - should be lured with everything Jerry has at his disposal. Including ... a little humility.

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Richard 1
Richard 1

I agree with Troy. They always talkin about Dak being second only to Brady in wins who was coaching in games.

Cowboys 4ever
Cowboys 4ever

Cowboys will lose again. No consistency on both sides of the football

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