Bills at Cowboys and ... You Are Looking Live!' Pregame Inside AT&T Stadium

Mike Fisher

ARLINGTON - One of the grand Dallas Cowboys criticisms on this Thanksgiving Day - and despite this short week, it sure seems like a long list - is that Dallas "hasn't beaten anybody.'' Welcome, then, to the same-situation visitors from Buffalo.

It is true about Dallas. The club is 6-5 and in first place in the wildly inept NFC East ... but the Cowboys are at the same time 0-4 against teams with winning records. This seems damning and shocking ("We should fire Garrett for it!'' scream the blood-thirsty) but wait ...

 Guess what? Today's visitors, the Buffalo Bills, are 8-3 and ... have yet to beat a winning team.

Maybe this is how it works when you play in a division that allows two games each against the hapless Giants and Redskins (in Dallas' case) and when you play in an AFC East that allows two games each against the hapless Jets and Dolphins.

But as the Cowboys deal with a myriad of issues ... Well, here's an opportunity to guide you to the storylines of the day ...

*Amari Talk

*Jerry Talk

*Injury Issues

*And ultimately, where I believe today's re-focus needs to be ...

So, amid all those issues, what does the "can't-beat-a-winner'' discussion really mean? It means 'This Is A .500 League.'' And for the Cowboys, it means a loss to Buffalo drops Dallas to .500 - at which point Jason Garrett's Gang is going face an even hotter myriad of issues.

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