Bills at Cowboys: Jaylon on Beasley: 'I Love Him - And Can't Wait To Hit Him!'

Mike Fisher

ARLINGTON - Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley says he "will play (for the Buffalo Bills) 'til the wheels fall off." meanwhile, one of his Cowboys buddies, linebacker Jaylon Smith, intends to use today's Bills-at-Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game to knock those wheels off right now.

"I love him to death,'' Smith said of Beasley leading up to today's 3:30 p.m kickoff at AT&T Stadium. "I can't wait to hit him!''

Beasley, a DFW native who played at SMU and then with Dallas for seven seasons, was a UDFA steal for Dallas, scoring 23 touchdowns and gaining over 3,270 yards. Now, the 5-8 slot guy - signed by the Bills to a four-year deal worth $29 million last offseason - is paying off for 8-3 Buffalo.

 "I have been really happy here and more focused on what we have been doing here so, there is no ill will or anything,'' Beasley told the Buffalo media this week. "I still think I made the right decision and it was the best move for me and I don't regret it one bit. ... I'm having a great time so I will play here til the wheels fall off."

Beasley teams with fellow receiver John Brown to give Buffalo weapons outside for quarterback Josh Allen he's scored in four of the last six games.

"Getting to know these guys has been awesome,'' Beasley said. "So, it has been cool. I am in a role that I would want to be in anywhere. It has been awesome, I have been getting to do what I want to do here."

That wasn't always the case in his final season in Dallas, where he felt underused and was vocal about it - especially after his departure. But now? "No ill will.''

"I may want to win it maybe a little more I guess, but it is not that different because I want to win them all," he said of this game. "It will be fun going against a lot of the guys I have gone against in practice the last few years so, it will be cool to do that. I won't be talking any serious (bleep) to them. I will just be joking around."

Beasley and company may be joking. We're about to see if Jaylon and company are, too.

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