Cowboys 27, Eagles 7 at Halftime: And Dallas' Foundation Looks Like Rock, Not Sand

Mike Fisher

ARLINGTON - A couple of days before kickoff, Dallas Cowboys defensive aide Kris Richard talked "principles.'' “Where have you built your foundation?'' he said to the DFW media. "Is it built on sand? My foundation is built on a rock.''

The Cowboys' belief in their principles, and in themselves, was going to be necessary in this Sunday night duel here at AT&T Stadium against division rival Philadelphia. The issues for the Cowboys, 3-3, were the same coming in as are the issues for the Eagles, 3-3.

Halftime score: Dallas 27, Philly 7.

Other halftime score: Dallas' Rock 27, Dallas' Sand 0.

Richard is the Cowboys’ defensive play-caller, so there are layers above him. But he is a respected voice in the building - and an inspirational voice, too.

He conceded that Dallas' defensive problems were “little things here and there'' but insisted that the issues are fixable.

“We want our impact to be greater, and that’s our choice,'' Richard said That’s still in our control. We control that. We just got to make sure we come out, we play disciplined, we do our job and we get that done.”

The Cowboys have done just that so far, in part due to the Richard/Rod Marinelli defense, which has recorded two takeaways and harassed Philly QB Carson Wentz with three first-half sacks. 

Dallas' offense has been clever and bullish, with Ezekiel Elliott rushing 13 times for 65 yards and a score (plus 25 more yards on four receptions), and with QB Dak Prescott engineering a passing game that has distributed the ball from everybody to Amari Cooper (three catches for 65 yards) to Blake Jarwin (a TD catch). Additionally, there has been some risk-taking - fitting for a must-win-level game. ... and that's how Tavon Austin has a 20-yard TD run.

And to top off the half? Brett Maher beat the buzzer with a 63-yard field goal ... and the 20-point margin.

Richard said of a team's foundation, "The same storm is going to come whether it’s on sand or it’s on rock. You got to deal with that. That’s just life.”

Dallas is dealing with it. The Cowboys lead the Eagles. The Rock leads the Sand.


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