Cowboys at Patriots: Why Tom Brady 'Hated Dallas Coming Out of The Womb'

Mike Fisher

FOXBORO, MA - Tom Brady would probably concede to calling himself an "admirer'' of the Dallas Cowboys. But was the New England QB ever a "fan'' of the Cowboys? "Ive really not liked the Cowboys since coming out of the womb as a Niner fan,” joked Brady.

Nevertheless, the Mutual-Admiration-Society theme of today's Cowboys-at-Patriots matchup carries on in Brady's remarks about the Cowboys franchise.

 “I’ve got a lot of respect for those guys and they’ve actually had a great winning organization,'' Brady said this week. "They’ve got a lot of great players in their history. Guys that I just, as a Niner fan, you’d play the Cowboys and every time they’d hand off to Emmitt Smith would be a five-yard gain and you would pull you hair out – and throw it up to Michael Irvin ... and Troy (Aikman) was such a great player, and the defenses, Ken Norton and 'Prime Time' (Deion Sanders).''

Brady, 42, continued with the history lesson.

“I think the history of great players, the tradition ... Roger Staubach, just such a cool guy, someone to really look up to. And then what they’re currently doing with the team that they have, it’s one of the most talented teams in the NFL that are playing great on offense, defense and it’s going to be a huge challenge for us.''

Dallas is certainly doing some things right, thus its 6-4 record. But New England is 9-1 and the best team in football, as is so often the case for an organization that, under coach Bill Belichick and Brady, are in the same legendary realm as the Cowboys-related one the QB cites.

Maybe this game will be legendary, too.

“I love it,'' Brady said of today's matchup. "I love the opportunity to compete against great teams this time of year.''

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