FIRST LOOK VIDEO: Welcome to AT&T Stadium for Eagles at Cowboys

Mike Fisher

ARLINGTON - The stage is set. The Dallas Cowboys are back at home and the Philadelphia Eagles will be trying to make themselves comfortable here as one of these 3-3 teams will survive at night's end here at AT&T Stadium.

“Tell him to come on,” DeMarcus Lawrence said Friday from the locker room at The Star. “We’re ready. Can he play the game? He might want to shut his ass up and stay on the sidelines. He can’t play the game for them… We’ll see.”

Tough talk is one of the themes of the day (click above for Tank Talk) and so is overcoming injury woes ...

And of course you've got the ever-present Jason Garrett hot seat ...

Yes, we will see tonight ... But here at, we also get to "see'' ... this morning, as we arrive at the stadium as fired up for Cowboys and Eagles as the two teams surely should be for this divisional showdown on national TV.

“We’re going down to Dallas and our guys are going to be ready to play,” Pederson said early in the week on Philadephia radio station WIP. “And we’re going to win that football game, and when we do, we’re in first place in the NFC East.”

We get a look at that tonight. We get a look inside AT&T Stadium ... right now.

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I hate to do this, Fish... PHI 24 DAL 20...

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