Fish Report Video: Michael Bennett, the Cowboys and the National Anthem Choice

Mike Fisher

ARLINGTON - Michael Bennett of the Dallas Cowboys has obviously made a choice. Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has made one as well, Their choices are about the NFL pregame ritual of respectful observing the playing of the national anthem ... and maybe their choices are mutually respecting the concerns about social injustice, too.

People who do not know Cowboys owner Jones have portrayed him in a number of ugly ways regarding his toe-the-line position on respecting the playing of the anthem. People who do not know new Cowboys defensive lineman Bennett have done the same to him regarding his concerns about social injustice and racism.

As I discuss with Sports Illustrated in the Fish Report above: Why shouldn't Jones and Bennett be afforded the same freedom to chose, to protest or not to protest, to compromise or not to compromise, to demand or not to demand?

Is Jones obliged to represent you or me? Is Bennett? This will be a story again tonight when the Minnesota Vikings get ready to play here at AT&T Stadium against the Cowboys, but my position is the story shouldn't be about our agendas ... if it's a story at all, it should be about Bennett and Jones' freedom to choose.


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