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A 'Sensible' Solution for Cowboys in SI's Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

We see a 'Sensible' Solution for considering the Dallas Cowboys in SI's Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

FRISCO - There are three reasons for Cowboys Nation to take the Sports Illustrated NFL Power Rankings more seriously than I usually take these sort of things. And no, it's not because the Dallas Cowboys have miraculously skyrocketed to the top of the ratings in a crowd-pleasing way.

Now, Dear Reader, I know what you're saying. "But, Fish,'' you're saying, "I thought you've traditionally sort of goofed on most of these 'rankings' by arguing that the beauty of the NFL is that they already have an efficient rating system called 'The Standings'?''

And indeed, you've got me. That's "my bit,'' as we say in the radio business.

But there are three reasons to take the work of my SI colleagues seriously here.

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1) They've got the New England Patriots in the No. 1 slot. Any system that suggests otherwise is no system at all. Whatever they're doing over there, they're doing it wrong.

2) Consider the gravitas of the panel of voters here. This is not a grab-bag crew or a click-bait staff. This is (click on the link), Sports Illustrated, for goodness sakes!

3) And finally, the Dallas Cowboys are ranked in the No. 10 spot. And why is this so worthy of celebration? Because the Dallas Cowboys were ranked in the No. 10 spot last week as well.

How sensible is that? The are 4-3, just as they were a week ago before the bye. There is no reason for some massive alteration in how they are perceived. The Eagles accomplished something in the win at Buffalo but their loss to Dallas still resonates, and it shows - in The Standings, which are foolproof, and in the SI Power Rankings (again, click here), which are pretty right-on.