Aldon Smith on his Cowboys Signing: 'Beauty in the Struggle'

Aldon Smith Makes His First Comments On his Cowboys Signing (And More): 'There is Beauty in the Struggle'
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FRISCO - "There is beauty in the struggle,'' says Aldon Smith in his immediate Wednesday night comments regarding his surprising signing with the Dallas Cowboys. "Life is good. I’m blessed. I’m a Cowboy.''

There can be more "struggle'' here Smith, the 30-year-old pass-rusher who has not played in the NFL since 2015 as he has served multiple suspensions under both the NFL substance-abuse policy and the Personal Conduct Policy - including some truly frightening conflict.

Part of the "struggle'': His application for reinstatement with the NFL. The Cowboys likely have good information on the possibilities here, just as they have good information from reporter Jay Glazer, who has worked with him in his rehab, and from Jim Tomsula, the Dallas assistant who coached Smith when he exploded into the NFL in 2011 as a first-round sack master.

Smith, writing on Instagram, certainly sounds ready to overcome.

"Life will always present us with tests,'' he wrote. "I’ve learned how to take a different perspective on the adversities of life. Instead of looking at life as a victim, I have embraced the journey as God has planned it, making exponential strides towards becoming a better man.''

We write here in detail about both Smith's career ups and downs and about the Cowboys penchant, driven by owner Jerry Jones, to give second chances to talented people. And on a separate subject - without actually mentioning COVID-19 - Smith writes about "changing our perspectives.''

"Take this time that we have away from our normal day-to-day activities and think about changing your perspectives,'' Smith writes. "Focus not on how bad the situation is but instead on how we can all come out of this better people. Let’s work on the things we have been putting off and grow towards our ultimate potential.

That reads like a person who maybe, as Glazer says, has "turned his life around.'' But it for certain reads like a person who understands "struggles.''