Chicago Tribune Plan: Bears Should Sign Cowboys QB Dak Prescott As Trubisky Backup

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - The reader keeps digging deeper into the Chicago Tribune article analyzing the Chicago Bears' need for a backup QB to Mitch Trubisky, half-hoping that the Tribune will dig itself out of a hole crated by a headline that reads, "Who will the Bears sign as Trubisky’s backup? Breaking down the quarterback market'' - and then suggesting Dak Prescott as a possibility.

But the Tribune hole just keeps getting deeper.

On the one hand, the paper says Chicago "has left no uncertainty about Plan A for the Bears quarterback situation in 2020,'' and that the Bears want to see through the high 2017 draft pick of Mitch Trubisky.

On the other hand, the paper quotes GM Ryan Pace as once noting he is in favor of "taking multiple swings at the quarterback position to ensure a solution. With that in mind, let’s survey the landscape of veteran quarterbacks who could become available as free agents or via trade this offseason.''

And then the paper prints a list of potential acquisitions, a list that includes Dak Prescott, the centerpiece of the Cowboys offense who is on the verge of a payday that will make him the highest-paid player in Dallas franchise history.

There comes one more flip-flop from the Trib: "Any quarterback who agrees to sign with the Bears would do so knowing Trubisky is the organization’s priority.''

By this time, the reader must be as confused as Trubisky has often looked playing QB. And maybe the paper's odd takes are actually, somehow, a reflection of the Bears' odd takes. But whatever Chicago is doing at quarterback, it's not being done with Dak Prescott. Not as a backup. Not as anything.

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How in this is going to happen y'all think this is going to happen y'all wrong. First of all y'all say Crazy stuff for fans to believe it. And y'all think this is not true stop writing Crazy stuff for people to believe if you not his agent or Jerry Jones I not buying this or if it comes from Dak then I believe it

Cowboys 4ever
Cowboys 4ever

A can of worms?


I'm a Chicago Bears fan. I say give Trubisky one more year but have a backup plan set such as shopping around for top franchise qb prospects. However someone like Dak will never wear a bears uniform and will be a lifelong cowboy and so, this premise is click bait and totally off the rocker when it comes to Dak and chicago. But the truth is as much as we like trubisky, he is 3rd round pick caliber game manager. What they did to trade up was extremely foolish and between that and the cost of the Mack trade they sold their future out from under themselves in a way that is common for this franchise that needs new management and experienced coaching like Ron Rivera was an obvious choice to coach chicago but that offer is gone, getting former green bay head coach McCarthey "or however you spell his name" would have been a good option, even Jon Gruden or Harbaugh anyone with some kind of NFL coaching experience and not someone who called plays for half a season that led to a team which without him is now in a superbowl with a MVP caliber qb and a team that has all the pieces together, Andy Reid, Bruce Arians, really anyone is for the most part better than Matt Nagy who got found out offensively like the rams head coach. They know the slight of hand trick plays aren't going to amount to something like a direct smash mouth mix of finesse of a 1984 49ers that have a mix of run it down your throat and lofty tosses to wide receivers in tight coverage. You're not going to get that out of Mitch who is a ball manager QB who is there to supplement a run game. He worked better in a mix of what John Fox and Nagy transitional play book of run the ball often throw only when you need to. He will never be a 50 plus passes wins the game QB, who wasn't worth the trade up when you still had several other qbs on the board available with a team who already had their qb needs addressed with a future trade of Jimmy G from the pats just lined up and ready. They weren't looking to draft young players for that position they were scanning free agency and trade options and New England must have been or is friends with Kyle after beating him as a falcon idk. The universe can be a cruel temptress when it comes to football, drafting is a crapshoot but they went to the draft and coaching hires for someone with upside and potential or a higher ceiling on paper and not experience in stats. John Fox wanted Deshaun Watson and was overruled and lost his job because Ryan Pace wanted Trubisky and this John Fox though suffered with Chicago to win would have won games with the Running backs not being cut like Howard and drafting a once in a generation type qb like Watson. It would have lit up the franchise but we blew it.