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Cowboys Contracts: 'We Need Dak To Work With Us A Little Bit'

The latest on Dallas Cowboys Contracts: 'We Need Dak To Work With Us A Little Bit,' says COO Stephen Jones of talks with QB Prescott

FRISCO - There isn't necessarily any change in the Dak Prescott contract talks, but there is a hint now from Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones that causes me to stick with my long-standing "one-phone-call-away'' conviction.

"The only thing we need him to do,'' Stephen told "G-Bag Nation'' on 105.3 The Fan on Friday, "is work with us a little bit.''

In some corners of Cowboys Nation, this is being twisted into some ominous announcement. In fact, it's simply the truth in terms of what Dallas is trying to sell its players on. Allow Jones to continue.

"I understand because it's his money and it's easy for someone else to say (that Prescott should compromise),'' Stephen said, "but the only reason we're having a negotiation is to talk him into all the reasons why it's good to have a good supporting cast around him.''

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Jones' point, again, is unchanged from training camp, when Cowboys ownership began stressing in public that there is only so much "pie'' to go around in order to keep together a young and talented roster.

"Other than that, it would be really easy to write the check,'' Stephen Jones. "It's not saving Jerry and I any money. What we're trying to do is keep this young football team together. We think it's a really good one. We think it's only going to keep getting better because it is young.''

Prescott, for the record, fully understands this, and has indicated he's not necessarily trying to break the bank here. We know the Cowboys have offered north of $30 million APY and a number that would put Prescott in the top-five highest-paid QBs. For Prescott's part, there are varying reports on his desires; I believe the $36 mil APY range might satisfy him.

And yes, it'd all be done long ago but for the "pie.''

"Other than that,'' Jones said, "this negotiation would have been over with months ago. But I think he understands where we're coming from. We understand where he's coming from. Ultimately, we'll figure this out."