Cowboys Legend Fires Dak Warning Shot At Jerry

“Where do you go if you don’t sign Dak?” Pearson said. "He wants to be quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. It is a big deal.”
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FRISCO - Drew Pearson had the support of Jerry Jones when the iconic Dallas Cowboys receiver was finally selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And now, in a way, Pearson is doing a favor for the Dallas Cowboys owner, launching a warning shot his way in regard to contract negotiations with QB Dak Prescott.

“If you let him go, especially if you let him play under the franchise tag this season and you don’t sign him anywhere along the line to a long-term contract, Dak ain’t gonna be here after that,'' Pearson tells The D.A. Show on Friday which is hosted by Damon Amendolara of CBS Sports. "The man has a lot of pride and he sees what’s going on.''

Fact is, there is nothing Pearson knows about Prescott - from "pride'' to "purse strings'' - that Jerry and the Cowboys don't already know. But Pearson's cautioning is still notable, because as Prescott enters a third round of negotiations with the Cowboys to get a long-term deal done, the legendary receiver can certainly speak to the importance of a franchise QB.

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“Where do you go if you don’t sign Dak?” Pearson said. "He wants to be quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. It is a big deal.”

There is indeed every indication that Dak wants to be here and that the Joneses want the same, at least in what both sides say.

As Dak said last summer, “I grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy and I am, and I’ve got dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy until I’m done throwing the football.''

As Jerry as said frequently: "He's our quarterback. He's our future.''

Of course, those sort of things were uttered before 2020, when Prescott eventually took the $31.4 million under the franchise tag - a $37.7 million option in 2021. So until there is movement, actions speak louder than words.

And Drew Pearson has words.

“If he has to play the full season under that franchise tag, Jerry’s really taking a risk in that case,'' Pearson said, "not only with Dak as a quarterback of the Cowboys but within the rest of that football team because Dak has a tremendous influence in that locker room. He is the leader. He sets the pace.”

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