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Cowboys Talking NFL Trade for Jets Pro Bowl Safety Jamal Adams

Cowboys Talking NFL Trade for Jets Pro Bowl Safety Jamal Adams; Which parts of the story make sense?

‪FRISCO — NFL trade rumors connecting star safety Jamal Adams with the Dallas Cowboys continue to swirl as the 3 p.m. CT deadline approaches, with NFL Network reporting that the Cowboys have "touched base" with Adams' New York Jets. Which parts of the rumors make sense ... and which parts don’t?‬

The sensible ...‬

‪• I believe it is accurate to report that Dallas has "touched base" with the Jets, as Ian Rapoport has noted. 

Adams came into the NFL in the 2017 NFL Draft as the sixth overall pick. He’s a DFW native and an LSU product with an intense style and a Pro Bowl resume at just age 24. He would represent a significant upgrade over Jeff Heath while plugging in alongside Xavier Woods.‬

• Additionally, the 2019 Cowboys are clearly in go-for-it mode.‬

• Meanwhile, it's possible that the Jets, under new management, may want to build with "their own guys" rather than stars from a previous regime.

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‪The less sensible ... 

• The Jets' "new management" dumping 24-year-old stars because they weren't drafted by this regime? Possible ... but moronic. The best way a team like the Jets can get better is to keep great players, not dump them.

• Can they get a windfall in exchange? I can promise you Jones is very hesitant to pay any Jalen Ramsey-level (that is, two first-rounders) for most any player, let alone a safety.

So are the Jets over some sort of a barrel here? Or just foolish?

• About 24 hours ago, a Cowboys source indicated to me that there was no front-burner deal to be made. (See above video.) That doesn't mean things can't change; to some degree, they clearly have. But this would be a zero-to-60 move ... with now less than two hours (as I write this) to iron it out.

• New York has contractual control for two more seasons over a standout player still performing on his rookie deal. Smart franchises keep those kinds of players ... And, I suppose we could argue, if Dallas is a "smart franchise," it should keep trying to acquire those kinds of players.