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Cowboys' Jerry Jones Predicts NFL Will Add 17th Game

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones - Who Does Not Generally Speak Out Of Turn On Such Matters - Predicts NFL Will Add A 17th Regular-Season Game In 2021

FRISCO - Does Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believe the NFL will add a 17th game to the regular-season schedule beginning in 2021?

"I do,'' Jones said. "My personal opinion is that (we) will. Now, we didn't agree to it the other day at our meeting. But we've agreed to look at it ... We've got it in our (new) collective bargaining agreement (to do it)."

This sort of decision is right in Jones' lane - as is the desire to add games ... which of course adds revenue.

The concept is indeed covered in the CBA, and one of the additional conversations centers on simultaneously reducing the number of preseason games from four to three. 

There are some mathematical challenges to teams playing an odd number of games; what happens to road and home balance? The NFL has thought of that, and would have teams alternate years with the extra roadie one year and their extra home game the next.

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Why haven't the owners already come to an agreement on the expanded slate?

"Didn't need to,'' Jones said in his visit on 105.3 The Fan, explaining, "We wanted to think about it more, and to think about if there are any nuances we could add to it.''

Adding nuances, because ... they will be adding games. Because ... they will be adding revenue.