Dak Q-&-A: 'I'm Excited As Hell To Be A Cowboy (For Life)'

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Dak Prescott's immediate reflection upon the expiration of the July 15 opportunity to create a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys? "Grateful and blessed.''

And now, with a month having passed, a $31.409 million contract and football underway, while addressing the media for the first time via Wednesday's virtual training-camp-opening press conference, the franchise QB's reflection?

"I'm excited as hell to be a Dallas Cowboy,'' Prescott said. "I've been a fan of this organization for years. I love every bit of the platform I get to be the quarterback here. No frustration as far as that.

"I believe something will get done. With my hopes, I believe I'll be a Dallas Cowboy for the rest of my career."

Cowboys ownership concurs.

"We think he's outstanding,'' Jerry Jones said, calling the 27-year-old one of the finest young men he knows. "We think he's our quarterback of the future."

Added COO Stephen Jones: "The virus .. which affects revenue, which affects the cap, that was a challenge. .. (And) the term of the deal was a big part of this.

"But it doesn't change what we think of Dak. .. I'm more convinced than ever we'll get it done."

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As CowboysSI.com reported last week, agent Todd France's departure from CAA does not impact his relationship with client Prescott. Indeed, Prescott said these recent negotiations have strengthened that bond - and interestingly, have strengthened France's relationship with Stephen Jones. Their talks will resume after the season.

Prescott, a master of compartmentalizing all that goes on around him, said, "Business is business. Once I'm in the locker room, (I'm) a part of what's going on now. I don't focus on the future. I just worry about today.''

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There was obviously disappointment over that outcome. But "unhappiness''? Dak gave no indication of that.

Prescott also used the offseason to involve himself in the civil rights movement - another reason for him to feel positive about his overall situation. He mentioned that he supports teammates' rights to do as they wish in expressing themselves, detailed his leadership in "90 percent'' of the players having moved into the Omni Hotel at The Star for camp, and spoke on the spring-time death of brother Jace.

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Prescott said he feels an "obligation to live on and carry on another legacy. Now it's not just my (late) mother (Peggy) but my brother as well.''

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We predicted that Prescott would issue a "rosy and classy'' statement about the outcome of the negotiations, which leave him with a one-year guaranteed salary of $31.409 million. That makes him the highest-paid single-season Cowboy ever. So even as his brother Tad expresses displeasure with the outcome, Dak Prescott a month ago did indeed have plenty to feel "grateful and blessed'' about.

And now, a month later, with training camp underway at The Star? He still does.

"I grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy and I am," Dak said. "I’ve got dreams of being a Dallas Cowboys until I’m done throwing the football.''

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I have a gut feeling that 5 years from now, Dak will be sitting at home wondering what could have been...

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Gut feelings are very accurate and powerful. Dak should be grateful. He basically stole 31 million. Came in Romo get injured takes over talented team has freak 1st year. But can't get lucky for the next 3 yrs. he looses despite pro bowl players. Thinks he's the man and steals 31 million.


Damn right since he's gonna make an insane amount of money.


He's average not a playmaker. Did I say a terrible negotiator cause he all about the money. He wanted all the money he wasn't interested in having great players to help him win. Theres a message here for dak ur greedy and nobody wants u here. bye