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Worst Fanbases: Cowboys Rank Bottom-10 in All of Sports?

USA Today is not fond of the Dallas Cowboys fanbase.

The Dallas Cowboys fanbase is generally considered one of the more... difficult fanbases the NFL has to offer -- at least according to USA Today.

In recent article, USA Today ranked the Cowboys fanbase as the second-worst fanbase in all of sports, just behind the Miami Heat and just ahead of the New England Patriots.

Cowboys - Dak Eagles
Cowboys - James Bradberry
CeeDee Lamb vs. Patriots

Cowboys fans in August: (Saying while in your face) "This is our year! Back in the Super Bowl!"

Cowboys fans in December after being eliminated from the playoffs: (Saying from across the room) "I'm gonna switch and become an Eagles fan."

It's worth mentioning that author Mike Freeman seems to have written this piece in jest. After all, the only thing Dallas fans probably hate more than annual first-round playoff exits is the Philadelphia Eagles

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While the Cowboys have not won the Super Bowl since the 1995 NFL season, they have continued to find their way to the playoffs. 

In the 2021 NFL season, Dallas had the league's No. 1 offense with a total of 6919 yards while averaging 407 yards per game. This included the second best passing offense in the league at 282.4 yards per game and the ninth best rushing offense at 124.6 yards per game. 

Cowboys - Dak 49ers Final Play
zeke eagles

Despite ending the season as the NFC's third seed with a record of 12-5, the 2021 Cowboys squad lost in the wild-card round to the San Francisco 49ers after a clock management disaster-class by head coach Mike McCarthy. 

Though Dallas fans have continued to experience such gut-wrenching playoff losses with championship-caliber rosters, they continue to remain loyal. If that doesn't signify a strong fanbase, than nothing does. With another season approaching, Cowboys fans will continue to stay hopeful that the team will once again emulate its success from three decades ago.