Dontari Poe Takes A Knee - And Cowboys Jerry Jones Takes A Stand

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - The world did not crumble. Nor were its ills cured. Dontari Poe on Sunday in Los Angeles was the only Dallas Cowboys player - and the first-ever Cowboys player - to utilize the NFL’s national anthem moment to kneel in protest of social injustice. ...

And contrary to the cynical predictions of many, team owner Jerry Jones is supportive of the gesture.

“I thought (our players) gave it the sensitivity,” Jones said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan. “They showed respect to Poe’s decision there.

“All in all, I thought our team was very real, very genuine in the way it approached it.”

The “genuine” nature of this seems so simple, and frankly, so American. Each person - including Jones and Poe, the veteran newcomer defensive tackle, was allowed to utilize the moment as he saw fit. ... just as across the way at SoFi Stadium Field on Sunday night, some Rams took a knee and some did not.

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Said Poe: “It’s just bringing more awareness to what’s going on in this world, to the racial injustices that’s going on, to the oppression that’s happening to my race.”

And, just as on this upcoming Sunday, when 0-1 Dallas hosts Atlanta at AT&T Stadium, thousands of hopefully COVID-safe fans will be in attendance - exercising their own rights within the law.

Jones had for years been steadfast in his “toe-the-line” approach to the anthem. But months ago, we expressed an opinion in this space that Jones - along with being driven by all-American capitalism - is a bright and sensitive man not desiring to “be on the wrong side of history.” The Cowboys players have held multiple meetings on the subject, with QB Dak Prescott’s words - “If I had it my way, what we’d do is express ourselves individually but love and support one another collectively” - carrying a great deal of weight.

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Dontari Poe took a stand. And so did Jerry Jones. And an agreement that social injustice is wrong is where they, and all of us, can meet in the middle.

“It’s not something that’s going to be solved in a day,” Poe said. “It’s bringing more awareness. It’s letting people know ... It’s the beginning of it.”

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Mike Fisher, Great message, Great advice, we need as a nation to take a page out of your play book. I appreciate Dontari Poe and owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones taking a stand and being on the right side of humanity and history. Newfound respect for both these humans and to all those who support this awesome momentous and teachable moment.

BrusterB 123
BrusterB 123

I was going to watch my Cowboys because Jerry wouldn't let them do this, but I'm gone now, because there are more whites killed by police than blacks! More blacks killed by blacks, so their narrative is bullshit! All Lives Matter!!


It might seem like the world didn’t crumble, but you Mr. Jones have just lost any respect many people had for you. I never liked the Dallas Cowboys but I was always behind you when you said toe the line. Now you no longer outshine the other coaches, your right there with them. No backbone. I’m ashamed for you. Never will I ever pay attention to anything
NFL. Alejandro Villanueva of the Pittsburg Steelers to me is the only true American among you. Hooah, Army strong Mr. Villanueva.


I agree with BrusterB123. ALL LIVES MATTER! I have always been proud of my Cowboys. Especially when they would stand for the National Anthem. I was proud of Jerry Jones for making the team stand and show respect for the country that has given so much to all of us. Now I know that Jerry Jones is no better than all the rest. It's all about the money!


ok sir. you said we can do whatever you want to do. So let's start spitting at other fans Not a good argument Mike