FISH Report VIDEO: Cowboys and the Kaepernick Workout - 'Sham' or 'Shot'?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - We broke the original from-inside-The-Star sourced story early this morning of a Dallas Cowboys source suggesting the team's so-far interest level in the Colin Kaepernick weekend workout. First a source told us of Dallas' plan, which as of 6:45 a.m. Wednesday was about "evaluating'' the concept of being in attendance on Saturday in Atlanta. (See the original story here.)

Now we've moved the bar a bit, with a second team source confirming the Cowboys' in-house discussions.

Now come questions of capability on the part of the former star QB, three years out of the league, and questions of credibility on the part of the NFL itself. is it all a 'sham' or is it 'shot'? Dig into out Fish Report Video above for the latest.