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Tony Romo 'Out of His Mind' For Jets Judgment, Says Colin Cowherd

Romo believes Wilson might have a Dan Marino-like upside.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo thinks a great deal of New York Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson … which has caused FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd to think a little less of Romo. 

“I like Tony Romo. I defended him forever when he we was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I was always a huge Romo fan. He’s a terrific broadcaster… but he’s officially lost his mind,” Cowherd said on “The Herd” Thursday. “There is zero chance that Zach Wilson in the next ‘couple of years’ will be a top-three quarterback.

In the opinion of CBS analyst Romo, that is indeed what former BYU quarterback Wilson is capable of in the NFL. 

For instance, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd said that Romo has “officially lost his mind

Cowherd’s general point is sound: Wilson will have to win a a high number of games, and some high-profile and high-pressure games - to elevate himself into a group of QBs led by Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes.

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That seems to not be within the immediate grasp of the lowly New York Jets.

Said Cowherd: “This is nothing against Tony Romo, I like him. But, Zach Wilson has the worst coach in his division and the worst roster. … So, love Tony Romo but that’s not gonna happen.

Romo believes Wilson might have a Dan Marino-like upside.

“He’ll be in the discussion of the top three to five QBs very quickly,” Romo said. “He can make up for a lot of weaknesses.”

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