'It's time to go!' Cowboys Jerry on Dak contract, Zeke and Kellen Moore

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - When it comes to QB Dak Prescott's contract, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks it's 'time to go.' Jerry's latest comments on contract talks, and his answers to CowboysSI.com questions on the Week 1 performances of Dak, Ezekiel Elliott and Kellen Moore, all here!

"It’s time to go,'' Jerry told my guys "Shan & RJ'' on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday morning. "I think we are fast approaching an agreement, but that might just be my opinion, and not (necessarily) Dak’s opinion.’

This echoes the views of Mr. Jones expressed to me on Sunday night after the Week 1 win over the Giants, a 35-17 decision in which Jerry said Zeke was just right, Dak was just right and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore?

'Kellen made that game exciting, made it a challenge for the Giants,'' Jerry said. "We all saw things we just haven't seen in the past. We saw a lot of our players used ... I really am excited. My most excitement about this game is how varied our offense was.'