'It's Lit' This Morning at The Star — And Jerry Jones Just 'Wants To Win A Damn Football Game'

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - It is indeed "lit" here at The Star, as it is every week on the Helmet Wall. But as the Dallas Cowboys transport themselves from the team hotel here to Arlington's AT&T Stadium for today's game, it's not just the displayed Buffalo Bills helmet that looks "hot.'' It's Cowboys owner Jerry Jones - yes, still - as well.

On the eve of his team’s annual Thanksgiving Day contest (today's visitor is the 8-3 Bills), Jones appeared on TV to promote a charity favorite, The Salvation Army. The question posed to him was about QB Dak Prescott's contract and a planned extension.

But Mr. Jones' answer?

“I think all of us, including the fans, wanna win a damn football game, OK?'' he said. "Now I know we’ve got a lot of other things to think about. Who’s coachin’? Who’s playin’? Who’s compared to another player someplace else?

"How ‘bout let’s win some ball games, folks? We can take that other stuff. I’m not known as a guy who gets hand cramps when I’m writin’ checks, but I wanna win some football games.”

The "hand-cramps'' remark is of course about paying Prescott. The specifics will be interesting, but the deal is going to happen. Less predictable is the more immediate concern for 6-5 Dallas and its coaching staff, led by under-fire Jason Garrett. He still has Jerry's support, but he also has a near-mandate of "Super Bowl-or-else'' - a Jones first.

And why is the hot seat now especially "lit"? Because to Jerry, "winning a damn football game” hasn't been accomplished frequently enough around here. And as the team prepares to bus from Frisco to Arlington, they know: it needs to happen today.

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