It’s NFL Draft Time: Why Aren’t Cowboys Coaches at The Senior Bowl?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - In yet another organizational decision that echoes a truth about a new organizational chart at The Star, Mike McCarthy’s coaching staff will not be in Mobile for this week’s Senior Bowl.

Why not?

"I just don’t see the value of taking the staff (away from The Star), especially in Year 1,'' McCarthy explained to our intimate media gathering last week inside The Star. "In Year 1 ... we have a lot of work to do.”

Don’t take this to mean that the Cowboys won’t be represented in Mobile; Will McClay and his scouting department have boots on the ground there, and as the Senior Bowl has developed into a sort of “football convention,” is told Jerry and Stephen Jones will be in attendance as well. (Like the conning Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, business gets conducted here; it’s where, for instance, Marc Colombo’s job interview with the Giants will take place.)

Is there a chance something might slip through the cracks? The Super Bowl-bound 49ers are crediting some of their "Mobile to Miami'' success to scouting done in Mobile, and four years ago, it's where Dallas folks got comfortable with a kid named Dak Prescott.

But maybe this also represents a slight change is the influence Cowboys coaches have recently tried to have on McClay’s Big Board-building. With McCarthy’s staff having so much to do, maybe this is a sort of “stay-in-our-lanes” decision by McCarthy. That's a possibility will dig into down the line. But for now? The Cowboys coaching staff has a full plate. And it'll dig in within the confines of The Star.

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I think this is a really smart plan from McCarthy. Keeps the staff together and focused on what the task at hand.

Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher


Agreed. McClay dept. handled Mobile just fine, I'm sure.