Jerry Jones on Urban Meyer and Jason Garrett: Coaching the Cowboys is 'The Place To Be'

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants coach Jason Garrett to keep his job beyond this season - because, should he do so, it'll have meant this season was a wildly successful one. But there are other "wants'' at play here ... including what Jones views as the highly desirable position Garrett holds.

"The job is a great job,'' Jones told "Shan & RJ'' on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. "It's just the place to be."

As I wrote over the weekend, reflecting on Urban Meyer's remarks that expressed that very same view, many people in the coaching profession share that thought about working for the Cowboys. They refer to it as "The Big Stage.'' You can sense that in Meyer's FS1 interview, which was technically about Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley (who happens to be a friend of Cowboys COO Stephen Jones) being interested in the job.

“Pure speculation because I know him, but I don’t know him like that, but that’s the one [job],” said Meyer, the former Ohio State coach presently in retirement. “That’s New York Yankees, that’s the Dallas Cowboys. That’s the one. Great city. They got Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott. You got a loaded team. And I can’t speak for him obviously, I hate to even speculate because I don’t know him, that’s really not fair, but to me, that’s the one job in professional football that you say, ‘I got to go do that.’”

Jones has said he is ‘looking for reasons to keep’ Garrett. But he is also letting Garrett work this season without a contract extension, which is all the hint one needs to recognize the existence of a "hot seat'' here ...

And Jones' belief that attractive head-coaching candidates would be attracted to be the next guy who sit in it.

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It's all about money, because it sure isn't about football or being the best.