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What's Jerry Jones' Cowboys NFL Season Prediction?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reflects on what amounts to six points that make this year's team a true contender.

FRISCO - “We’re going to be a good team.”

At different times over the course of the last 30-plus years, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' optimism has caused him to predict his team would be a Super Bowl contender ... well, almost every year.

It's the optimist in him. And maybe the carnival-barking salesman in him, too.

But now we launch the 2021 NFL season, and in Jones' recent visit on 105.3 The Fan, he fell a bit short of the words "Super Bowl'' while also clearly harboring that dream - and that belief.

"I feel this is the team that I thought we were going to have last year," Jones said, before rattling off all the things that went wrong, and all the things he hopes go right this year, starting with the NFL season opener on Thursday in Tampa.

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*His optimism from last year? "Of course,'' he said, "that was before Dak's injury.'' Indeed, QB Prescott's season-ending Week 5 ankle injury ruined the season, maybe all by itself.

*He used the word "euphoria'' to describe his feeling about having hired head coach Mike McCarthy last year.

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*He acknowledged not only the COVID impact on what became a 6-10 season, but also "the injuries and ... the breakdown we had in defense,'' as he put it.

*He feels good about the O-line (his comments came before the Zack Martin COVID news) and he seems to feel great about second-year receiver CeeDee Lamb.

"Now, No 88 is just better,'' Jones said,

*And maybe most of all, Jones celebrated the organization's willingness to change what was broken on defense, handing the reins to new coordinator Dan Quinn.

"This year, with what we addressed – and boy did we go at it, and I'm sure you'll give us that – we'll see how the results are. But man, did we change it up. You change something up about as good as you can change it up, and correct it up.''

All in all? 

“We’re going to be a good team,'' Jones said.

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