Jerry Promises Cowboys 'Personnel Changes' - Like What?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Before Sunday's embarrassing loss in Washington, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was quizzed about the "buy/sell" question as it regards the Nov. 3 NFL trade deadline. He leaned toward being a "buyer.''

But this week, at 2-5? Jones leans toward being a "changer.''

"We'll change some personnel for sure,'' Jones told 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. "We just to step in here and make adjustments. That's what you do."

Want specifics? We gave you some of them on Monday, reporting that the team was ready to move on from defensive vets Everson Griffen, Dontari Poe and Daryl Worley.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Griffen was traded to Detroit.

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By Wednesday afternoon, Poe and Worley are likely to also be shown the door. (On Wednesday morning, coach Mike McCarthy was asked about the pair being at practice today; he declined to answer.)

What else can Dallas do?

There are opportunities to be "buyers'' in a case like that of Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, who is allegedly being dangled there for reasons we don't really understand.

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Once Dallas quits with its' pablum-level excuse-making (see above), there are surely opportunities to be "sellers'' - though as we point out here, Dallas has largely made its salary-cap bed with players the front office viewed (and paid) as "stars'' ... even though they haven't played to that expectation level.

And then there are "personnel changes'' to be made in-house. With Zack Martin coming back, should the All-Pro guard move to tackle? With Joe Looney coming back, should he take over a guard spot? More snaps for Ezekiel Elliott's backup running back Tony Pollard? More snaps for defensive end Randy Gregory? The first-time game-day activation of rookies like Reggie Robinson II, who cannot possibly be worse than some of the DBs playing ahead of him?

It is not the Cowboys' plan to make coaching-staff changes (yet). So "personnel changes'' are a requirement for a team floundering in this way. Some of the moves can be Jimmy Johnson-esque in terms of their theatrical "send-a-message'' reasoning. Other can be simply because a 2-5 club cannot just "stay the course'' (head coach Mike McCarthy's misguided choice of phrase).

And some of the moves might just be shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. But why not? What do the Dallas Cowboys have to lose - besides the inevitable "more games''?

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