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NFL 'Bottom 5' Coaches On The Hot Seat - And Cowboys' Jason Garrett's Status

Bleacher Report offers it NFL 'Bottom 5' Coaches On The Hot Seat - And we update you on Cowboys' Jason Garrett's Status

ARLINGTON - The NFL Coaching "Hot Seat'' isn't reserved only for coaches or teams with terrible records, like Washington and Jay Gruden, who parted ways a few weeks ago after the Redskins started 0-5. But one list of "the top five'' candidates to be ousted doesn't include Jason Garrett, and for good reason ...

His Dallas Cowboys, entering tonight's visit here from the Minnesota Vikings are 5-3.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already urged gamblers to understand that they are likely to lose their money should they bet on an in-season Garrett firing. And Garrett himself is unworried, choosing to focus "only on things within my control,'' as he famously started telling me a quarter-of-a-century ago.

Who should worry, according to Bleacher Report's "top five''? (Or is that "bottom five''?) And what do i think of BR's picks? 

5. Doug Marrone, Jaguars - My view? Too early, The Jags are 4-5, still within playoff-sniffing distance. They have QB issues that aren't Marrone's fault, and unless owner Shad Khan thinks losing Jalen Ramsey is the coach's fault (when really, it might've been Khan's fault), there is too little evidence to make this call.

4. Pat Shurmur, Giants - My view? There is no doubt the heat is on from Giants media and fans. But Daniel Jones is a rookie quarterback - and Shurmur was hired in part due to his rep as a "QB Whisperer.'' Ownership cannot declare its made a mistake this early, especially with the team's best player, Saquon Barkley, having missed much of the year due to injury.

3. Freddie Kitchens, Browns - My view? The coach is overwhelmed and the roster is overrated. The Browns' culture remains the problem, as has long been the case. Maybe somebody who'd never before been a head coach was the wrong guy for on-the-job training.

2-6) than they were a year ago when they fired Hue Jackson (2-5-1). A defense loaded with young stars has given up 20 points or more to every team it’s faced except the hapless Jets.

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2. Dan Quinn, Falcons - My view? This situation offers perfect proof of my long-standing argument that, except in some rare cases, there is little difference between most of these guys in terms of their innate ability to coach.

Quinn's been to an NFC title game; that means he's great, right?

Quinn's now 1-7; that means he stinks, right?

This ties me back to Garrett. If you think he "sucks,'' and Dallas wins the NFC East (again), does that mean he no longer "sucks''? If the Cowboys go to the playoffs but lose, does that mean he reverts to suckage?

The ball, in case you haven't noticed, is pointy. It's about to bounce sideways for Quinn.

1. Adam Gase, Jets - My view? Gase is about to be victimized more by circumstance than by incompetence. He's been charged with the responsibility of rebuilding first the Dolphins and now the Jets ... and nothing has worked. The Jets audience is impatient, and should be.

So Gase is on a short 2019 leash while Garrett is on a long one - but one that doesn't extend into 2020. I've written often that RedBall, in the final year of his contract, needs to achieve "premium success'' to keep his job.which is a vastly different standard than most of the other coaches mentioned here live by. 

If the Jags, Giants, Browns, Falcons or Jets employed a coach with Garrett's track record, they'd probably throw him a parade.

But in Dallas? If Garrett's track record doesn't improve ... they'll throw him out.