WATCH: Unsigned Dak Prescott Gets In A Cowboys-Friendly Workout

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - We theorized in this space that Dak Prescott, even as he withholds his services from the Dallas Cowboys while unsigned, would not spend the spring reclining on his sofa in his new luxury pad in Prosper, but rather, would be talking with coaches, opening his techno-playbook and getting his work in.

That's been true all spring, including on Friday, when he, Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott got in a session under the watchful eye of local receivers-centric trainer David Robinson. (Video courtesy, too!)

This is all a continuation of a process that begin in early April, as we reported at the time ...

And ...

This is not so much a Dez story anymore, as it relates to the Cowboys. But it is important as it relates to where Prescott might be, physically and mentally, once his contract situation is resolved and he's back with the team - at The Star or in virtual meetings.

Prescott is presently embroiled in contract negotiations with Dallas that begin with him being franchise-tagged (a guaranteed $31.409 million in 2020 as soon as he signs the tender) and continue with Dallas' five-year proposal at $35 million APY (and totaling $175 million, as we've reported for six weeks now.) Dak has declined that offer, obviously.

But also obvious: While he's away from the team in an official way, he's also not sitting around the house eating bon-bons.

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Cowboys fan
Cowboys fan

He hasn't turned down a 5 year 175 million dollar contract!! They're still where they were months ago!! The offer on the table right now has him being paid as the second highest paid QB in the NFL, which is probably around 34 million a year, and the guaranteed money is just over what what Carson Wentz is getting, which is probably somewhere around 107 million!! Nobody but the front office and Dak and his agents know what the offer is, but we do know for sure that Dak has NOT turned down a 5 year contract worth 175 million, and that's obviously as I just stated because that's not what has been offered to him!! And Daks agent has confirmed that much recently!!