NFL Power Rankings: Do You Trust The Cowboys?

NFL Power Rankings: Do You Trust The Dallas Cowboys? Not When They're On A Level With The Jets and Jaguars, You Don't
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FRISCO - The theme of this week's Sports Illustrated NFL Power Rankings: "Trust.''

From the MMQB gang:

This time, one common theme was trust. The old adage is that teams are what their record says they are, but of course that’s not always exactly the case—especially in a season that has put teams in as many trying situations as this one has. We’ve seen teams at their best and their worst (like in any season), but this year we’ve also seen them when they’ve lost players suddenly and unexpectedly from their lineup, lost coaches, lost entire weeks of practice, had their schedules yanked around and more.

So as I sized up the 32 teams, I tried to cut through some of the noise and think more simply about which teams I trust to show up in a given week, or—for the playoff teams—in a big game come January.

As you might already imagine - because the Dallas Cowboys are not exactly lined up to play "in a big game come January'' - the 'Boys did not fare well in these rankings.

Dallas takes the No. 30 slot. On the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars and the lowly New York Jets are below them.

Which tells you that 3-8 Dallas is pretty lowly, too.

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Writes SI of a Cowboys team that this week will be at Baltimore on Tuesday:

The Cowboys have fallen to sole possession of last place in the NFC East, and their Thanksgiving loss to Washington had enough lowlights for them to show they belong there.

Oftentimes, fans of a favorite team read these rankings and consider them too harsh while trying to create arguments of defense.

There are none here.