Source: 'Movement' With Dak Prescott as Cowboys Re-Engage In Contract Talks

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - This really could be as simple as the Dallas Cowboys making a new offer to Dak Prescott that pays him $35 million APY over the course of a four-year contract, and indeed a source on Wednesday tells that the Cowboy have re-engaged in negotiations with CAA agent Todd France in a way that figures to include a new exchange of proposals. ... headed in that direction.

Eventually, this deal will make the quarterback the highest-paid player in franchise history. But sources with intimate knowledge of the talks inform that money is now moving well above what we were told a week ago was in the $33.5 million APY range ... and at that time the guaranteed total exceeded the reported $105 mil as well.

Dallas' latest offer, we bet, will exceed that - and may give in on the four-year vs. five-year argument, too.

All of these numbers - the sensible prediction of $35 mil APY and, say, $107 mil guaranteed - would be more palatable to the Jones family if they get Prescott to agree to a five-year contract rather than the shorter-term deal that CAA agent France is asking for given the state of the league's TV contract and the likelihood of a gigantic increase in the salary cap in coming years.

The NFL's TV contract expires after the 2022 season. Being a free agent in a way that coincides with that window figures to be a boon to a player like Prescott, who the Cowboys view as a "face-of-the-franchise''-level talent. There is therefore every reason, as long as a player gets a handsome amount of guaranteed money, to desire no more than a three-year commitment.

Dak's side likely views moving from three to four years as "giving in.''

The Jones family certainly doesn't want Prescott to withhold his offseason services. Another benefit: Doing a deal with Dak now reduces his existing cap number, freeing up another large chunk to spend elsewhere in free agency.

The two sides have until July 15 to craft a new deal before the tag figure of nearly $33 million locks in. But the two sides also wish for a long-term deal ... thus the re-engagement. Thus the "movement.''

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Cowboys 4ever
Cowboys 4ever

Cowboys need to pay the man!


Trade Prescott for Watson!!


Prescott is damn good, but I'm a cowboy fan first we not gonna be able to build nothing around em. He asking for too much. Pay attention to how Brady did during his career


Last year, going in, the Cowboys were seen as a sure thing
SB contender. They had the line, the defense, the wideouts,
RB, QB, everything but a top TE. Having lost Jones, Quinn,
Frederick, the defense fell apart, now you're in rebuilding
mode with a QB who thinks he's all that. and is gonna cost
you the cap space to rebuild. I say give Dak the same option
Carolina gave Newton, take your Hollywood agent and go
find somebody willing to take you and your contract
demands on and give me starting QB compensation in

If the Cowboys can trade Dak for one of those top first
rounders to get Burrows, Herst, Tagliavoua or any of
half a dozen genuine franchise QBs out there, I say
take it. Use the Cowboys' own first rounder to get top
flight OL, a second or third on a tight end and one of
those many WRs. McCarthy is known for developing
QBs. Give him an OL and a raw talent at QB and dump
what has become the problem child of the Cowboys.
Maybe after being shopped around the league
and finding no takers, Dak comes back to reality

I love Dak but he just ain't All That.

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Cowboys 4ever
Cowboys 4ever

Stop the hating. The Cowboys will pay Dak. Guarantee!