Super Bowl LIV: The Cowboys Fan's Connections With the Chiefs and Niners

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan looking to root for your team in the Super Bowl ... well, sorry. But if you are a Dallas fan looking for a Cowboys connection to root for in Super Bowl LIV? The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are happy to welcome you aboard.

A handful of Chiefs will play prominent roles in the Super Bowl ... as guys who once played prominent roles in Dallas. Linebackers Anthony Hitchens and Damien Wilson were first-teamers with the Cowboys and left via riches in free agency.

Hitchens departed Dallas two years ago to sign a big deal with Kansas City, worth $45 million for five years. Hitchens, a former fourth-round pick of the Cowboys, is a full-time starter for the AFC champs.

Wilson, also a fourth-round pick by Dallas, left the Cowboys a year after Hitchens and is also in KC on a two-year, $5.75-million. And he's also a starter.

Old pal Morris Claiborne is also with the Chiefs, having bounced around after being a premium first-rounder in Dallas. He's a backup cornerback with the Chiefs where he’s played sparingly, logging 17.7% of their defensive snaps on the season.

And then there's the one who got away, cornerback Charvarius Ward, He was a kid in Dallas' training camp in 2018, but the Cowboys needed an O-line body. So they swapped for Parker Ehringer, who never playing a down for Dallas.

But Ward? He started all 16 games this year for Kansas City. And he'll start in the Super Bowl.

There are lesser lights involved, too. Former Cowboys linebacker Mark Nzeocha, a seventh-round pick, plays special teams for the 49ers. Chiefs backup QB Matt Moore was a Cowboy for a minute in the 2007 camp. Damontre Moore is on IR with the 49ers; the defensive end was in Dallas for less than a year. And running back Mike Weber, a rookie seventh-rounder from Ohio State, this year moved from Dallas to the Kansas City practice squad.

So maybe the Chiefs have the stronger Cowboys-related flavor. Which isn't enough for Cowboys Nation. But at least it's something.