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‘At The Top’: How Belichick’s Patriots Will Attack Dak Prescott’s Cowboys

“They’re at the top of the league in everything, so whatever stat you want to talk about, they’re at the top of the league in it.” - Belichick on Cowboys offense.

How does Bill Belichick view Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys offense?

“I mean, they’re at the top of the league in everything, so whatever stat you want to talk about, they’re at the top of the league in it,” Belichick said.

And how does Dak view the fact that it’s been 30 years since New England has lost to Dallas?

“No, I don’t pay attention to that, or honestly, care about it,” Prescott said as 4-1 Dallas, starting to more openly address Super Bowl dreams, prepped for Sunday’s visit to New England. “I know we’ve got to play them this Sunday and a win is the only thing on my mind.” 

Belichick is tough to beat, though this year’s Patriots team comes in at 2-3. The Cowboys are tough to beat as well, led by the two-time Pro Bowl QB Prescott.

Prescott and the Cowboys are acutely aware of Belichick’s habit of trying to take away a specific facet of the opposing offense. Dallas has spent the week in a sort of chess match, trying to think steps ahead in anticipation.

Smart money: Belichick will load up to eliminate the effectiveness of running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Dak seems unconcerned.

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Could Amari Be a Decoy at Saints?

In the end, a little Amari Cooper is better than none at all. But …

“We obviously come in with an approach to be balanced, run and pass,” he said. “But if we need to lean on one more than the other, we’re going to do that.”

Belichick called the Dallas quarterback “pretty good” … but he meant it as a compliment.

Said the coach: “(Dak)’s the trigger guy, so he’s making it all go.”

And the Patriots’ trigger guy, in another way, is Belichick. He’ll be giving this a go, too.

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