Where Does Dak Prescott's Supporting Cowboys Cast Rank In NFL?


DALLAS - Biggest winner on the Dallas Cowboys roster after offseason moves? A case could be made for Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

The pool of talented players the Cowboys offense boasts figures to serve as a nightmare for 2020 opposing defenses. Optimism is sky-high that new coach Mike McCarthy and second-year offensive coordinator Kellen Moore will lead that stockpile of weapons to their first NFC Championship (and beyond) in 24 years.

Bleacher Report ranked each NFL team's skill-position players constructed from past production, accolades, health and upside.

How does Prescott and his supporting cast fare against the rest of the league?

Fifth, which is an increase from last year’s eighth rank.

The reasoning:

“If the Cowboys can get some solid production out of their tight ends, they will again have one of the top offenses in the NFL this season. The addition of Lamb could give them the league's best receiver trio. ... The Cowboys would be hard-pressed to put a better group around Prescott. They just need to get him under contract and into camp.”

Dallas’ arsenal also boasts one of the NFL’s best running backs in Ezekiel Elliott and two 1,000-yard receivers in Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup.

Rounding out the top five of "supporting casts'' is: No. 4 Tampa Bay/Tom Brady; No. 3 New Orleans/Drew Brees; No. 2 Cleveland/Baker Mayfield; and No. 1 Kansas City/Patrick Mahomes.

In some of these cases, we can argue that the QB is lifting the cast. (Chiefs?) In others, we can argue that the QB might mostly be asked to bus-drive. (Bucs?) And in Dallas? Cowboys Nation is excited to find out if Prescott is as good as the supporting cast around him seems to be. 

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No. 1-1

Dak is a great Bus Driver against average and below-average teams. Where he struggles is against teams that actually have a DC who knows how to trip him up with showing him one look while disguising what they are really doing. He is surrounded by immense talent but these players can't throw the ball to themselves. If the offense is struggling, you need to look no further than "Dak," as to why.