Cowboys And Washington In NFC East: '2-Horse Race' - Or Just '1-Horse'?

Cowboys Blitzcast: Is It A Two-Horse Race For The NFC East In ’21?
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FRISCO - It's a reasonable question: It is a two-horse race for 2021 dominance of the NFC East?

The folks in Washington have what you might think is an unreasonable answer: "It's a one-horse race.'

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The Washington Football Team won the East last season with some of the worst QB play in the league - ranked 32nd out of 32 teams in terms of QBR. How much have they improved there? So much so that it would fuel an ESPN panel to predict that the WFT is going to win matchup over matchup against the Dallas Cowboys in 2021 and will therefore "run away with the NFC East?

While we're asking: Have the Giants fixed their offensive line woes from a season ago and offered more protection for QB Daniel Jones? 

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Speaking of offensive lines, the Cowboys was quite offensive last season. Will the reunited Cowboys offense, featuring a finally-paid Dak Prescott, out-duel one of the league’s best defenses in Washington? Let’s discuss!

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