Cowboys NFL Draft: 'Needle In A Round 2 Haystack'?

The Daily Blitz offers a suggestion to the Cowboys and Mr. Jones: "Hey Jerry, take THIS guy at 44!'
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FRISCO - Can the Dallas Cowboys use the NFL Draft to find "a needle in a haystack''? Can it be done as early as Round 2?

The Daily Blitz offers a suggestion to Mr. Jones: "Hey Jerry, take THIS guy at 44!'' … with views via "Indy Car Tim.''

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As all Cowboys fans know, the Cowboys are in need of some help not just in the first round of the NFL Draft - where so much focus and emphasis is placed by media and fans - but in the later rounds as well. Positions and position groups have been discussed by us on previous shows and for the last few weeks. 

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But we may have found the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ for the Cowboys and we may have found it in Michigan! 

Let’s discuss!

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