Cowboys Trade Down: Who's The NFL Draft Target?

What Would It Take For The Cowboys To Trade Down From No. 10? Blitzcast
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FRISCO - What's the point?

Welcome to the “Daily Blitz” by DSP Media in partnership with, with Indy Car Tim, where we ponder not just the value of a trade, but also the reason.

We’ve spent the last four months or so attempting to predict not just the player the Cowboys might pick at No. 10, but position groups and offense vs defense. 

What if the answer is ‘none of the above’? 

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Per COO Stephen Jones as heard on K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan, the club has already taken some calls regarding that 10th pick, and Jones expects those calls to intensify the closer we get to next Thursday.

But what would it take for the team to drop out of the 10th spot? What did it take last time they traded down in the first round in 2013? How did that work out for them? 

Oh, and who is the "who''? There has to be a player to do this for. TCU's Trevon Moehrig? Alabama's Christian Barmore? Penn State's Micah Parsons, or one of the other collection of linebackers who might be available for a trade-back to the 20's?

We discuss.

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