Locked On Cowboys: 'Not Pointing In Right Direction' - McCarthy

Locked On Cowboys Podcast: 'Our Trend Line Is Not Pointing In The Right Direction,' Admits Dallas Coach Mike McCarthy
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FRISCO - Mike McCarthy was asked a simple question this week on whether his Dallas Cowboys have improved since start of season. The new boss first offered a fairly lengthy reply that included phrases such as "analytical standpoint'' and "trend lines.''

In fact, in one sentence, McCarthy somehow used the phrase "trend lines'' twice.

But eventually his answer delivered a bottom line.

"Have we improved? Umm ... no.''

The fuller answer: "Have we improved? Umm ... From an analytical standpoint, if I look at trend lines in the things we focus on and the four key areas that I focus us, no our trend line is not pointing in the right direction.''

Umm ... OK.

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In this episode of the "Locked On Cowboys'' podcast hosts Marcus Mosher and Landon McCool answer your Twitter questions, including what constitutes a successful season for the 2020 Cowboys (you know, all about how to get that arrow pointing in the right direction), the issues of dissent, whether they should they change their defensive scheme and so much more!

Maybe some of the issues go away if, as Ezekiel Elliott says here, the Cowboys simply "look in the mirror.'' Surely the Cowboys need to talk some of these things through, and CowboysSI.com has been told that such a thing is indeed happening in Wednesday meetings here at The Star. But in addition to all of that, we need to talk it through ... which we do today inside Locked On Cowboys.