The Cowboys NFL Draft 'Perfect Storm' Scenario

What's The Dallas Cowboys NFL Draft 'Perfect Storm' Scenario? We Discuss In Blitzcast
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FRISCO - Are the Dallas Cowboys about to enter "the perfect storm'' - in a good way as it relates to the coming NFL Draft?

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We can envision a host of "perfect'' ideas. ... and so can Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Yes, he's got his "sugar plums'' take on tight end Kyle Pitts, but as started reporting a month ago, the Atlanta Falcons at No. 4 might end that dream.

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Yes, an ESPN mock draft offers another dream: two primo Alabama stars with the first two Dallas picks ... with no trades needed!

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But ... how about another thought ...

What if the perfect pick for the Cowboys in this month’s NFL draft is NOT at 10? What if they can trade down, gather more picks, and still get ‘their guy’ in the first round? 

We offer you the ‘Perfect Storm’ situation with the perfect team and a win-win scenario for the Cowboys and the proposed trade team. Let’s discuss!

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