GAMEDAY Open Thread/Live Blog: Dolphins at Cowboys - Week 3


As the Miami Dolphins continue their season in hopes that their long term plan will bear fruit, they now face off against the Dallas Cowboys in what is affectionately known as Jerry Jones's "Billion Dollar Playpen."

This is right on the heels of the Dolphins claiming first round pass rusher Taco Charlton off of waivers, and he will suit up against his former team. But the bigger storyline is quarterback Josh Rosen starting for the first time this season. Depending on how he does, it could have an impact on what Miami does.

Only time will tell. For now, make sure to interact with us in the comments below as we watch the game together!

1st quarter

Josh Rosen's opening drive shows promise, but also some clear mistakes. The Good: DeVante Parker deep one-handed catch. The Bad: Awful drop by Kenyan Drake that ultimately killed the drive. Jason Sanders misses the field goal to boot.


Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott lead the Cowboys down the field for a field goal. Safety Steven Parker saves a touchdown.


Wide receiver Allen Hurns got leveled on the first play of the second drive. Being attended to by trainers. There should be a flag for defenseless receiver but no dice. He walks off the field, but Miami only has four active receivers this Sunday.

Haack has to punt it away as the offense fails to get anywhere on their second drive. By the way, the punt is bad. Again.

Touchdown for Amari Cooper working against Xavien Howard. Howard even held on the play and he didn't seem bothered by it. Needless to say, Howard isn't making a good showing against Dallas so far.


Injury Update: Allen Hurns is out with a concussion.

Flea flicker alert!

Drive unfortunately stalls inside the 10 yard line as Miami runs the ball three straight plays. Field goal made.


Onside kick! But offsides on Miami negates the recovery. Foolish fundamental mistakes continue to plague the Dolphins.

Quarter ends with the Dolphins offense performing better under Josh Rosen, but the defense is collapsing early.

2nd quarter

Interception by Bobby McCain!

Injury: Jesse Davis walks off the field with an arm/hand injury. Michael Deiter takes his place at left tackle while Evan Boehm moves to left guard.

Some bright spots showing up on defense. Johnson Bademosi, who was acquired in the Texans trade, made a huge stop on third down. Maybe there's hope for some of these players after all. Let's see if they keep it going.

Injury: Josh Rosen is out as he's being tested for a concussion. Part of NFL mandate.

Update: Rosen warming up to come back in.

Another fundamental error brings the drive to a disappointing end. Preston Williams had a catch in the endzone, but he dropped it before it could count as a catch. Dolphins don't challenge it, and Sanders kicks the field goal.


The defense is finally starting to show up, and now the offense is making some moves too. Impressive screen to Kenyan Drake went for 19 yards. Now the two minute warning is here.

Dolphins drive comes to an abrupt end as Kenyan Drake fumbles on first and goal. This comes after a terrible drop by DeVante Parker. Drops and errors the cause of Miami's score at this point. They're doing what they need to do, just making mistakes at the worst possible moments.

Last play of the half is a Hail Mary in the endzone knocked down by Chris Lammons. Dolphins should be up at this point, but mistakes are keeping them down. That said, they're showing more life than they have all year with Rosen on offense. What will Coach Flores say?

3rd quarter

Dallas's opening drive results in another Amari Cooper touchdown. Dak Prescott is not afraid of Xavien Howard in the slightest. Definitely an off day for Miami's big money cornerback.


Injury: Jomal Wiltz was injured with a groin on defense, and now guard Danny Isidora is questionable to return with a foot injury. Miami has no more offensive linemen.

Another stalled Dolphins drive due to mistakes. Kilgore called for a false start, then Robert Quinn, who Miami traded to Dallas this offseason, sacks Josh Rosen. Hard to see things getting much better if they can't execute the basics.

And another touchdown for the Cowboys as Dak Prescott carves up the Dolphins defense, finally ending by running into the endzone himself. Xavien Howard is either no match for Amari Cooper, or he's officially checked out.

Taco Charlton sack!

4th quarter

If there's anything to be taken away from this experience, it's that Josh Rosen has skills that can be built on. But there needs to be an offensive line, and his wide receivers need to keep their hands on the football. Essentially, in spite of the talent dump, the same issues are still what's holding Miami back. Blocking, and basics.

Injury: Bobby McCain being tended to by trainers.

Update: Xavien Howard has been ejected from the game for unnecessary roughness.

Needless to say, the Miami Dolphins clearly need to work on fundamentals. Even if players aren't the most talented, it doesn't take talent to not make mental errors. That's what happened. Dolphins fall to 0-3.

FINAL: 31-6

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Personal thoughts...seeing how wide open everyone is on a regular basis, it's extremely frustrating. Now when even Xavien Howard is getting beat (twice in just the first quarter alone), hard to see where they're getting better at anything. Yes, the team is not doing well this year (on purpose), but the players that are should be progressing, not regressing.

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