Chris Grier says he had final say in Dolphins drafts the past three years


Although this is Chris Grier’s first year at the end of the Miami Dolphins’ football operation, this will not be his first time making the call on draft day.

Grier acknowledged Wednesday that he had the final call in the past three drafts since ascending to general manager.

But he made it clear that it takes agreement among top team officials to work.

“I’m not going to force a coach to take a player because that doesn’t work,” Grier said. “If a coach doesn’t want a player and I say, ‘No, we’re taking him’ and it works out one way or another, good, but if it doesn’t it just creates that animosity and the distrust. It’s not worth it.”

Looking back at the past three drafts, Grier can take credit for hits such as Minkah Fitzpatrick, Laremy Tunsil and Xavien Howard. Others, including Charles Harris, Mike Gesicki and Cordrea Tankersley have yet to pan out.

Grier acknowledged that the pressure he feels is self-imposed and that this draft is especially important for a team trying to build through the draft.

Realistically, Grier said the hope in any draft is to net three starters along with supporting players who contribute.

“I’m going to be very collaborative because that’s the only way it works,” Grier said. “It’s a combination of coaching staff and personnel all working together, all having the same vision, getting on the same page together and picking the players we feel can be good fits for us as an organization.”